Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Ready for Our Big Move

We are to within weeks of our BIG move across the country to our farmhouse, which is why we've been quiet. Just packing and talking about what to do first.

Our restoration schedule depends a lot on the state of the current insulation in the walls. The very first thing we will do is check to see if the blown-in stuff shows any signs of moisture. We have no idea when it was done, so it is really a mystery until we get there and check it out. Even if it appears to be ok, I'm still thinking about putting in something more permanent and reliable like closed-cell rigid foam so we don't ever have to worry about it. With blown-in cellulose, I would think it is not meant to last forever anyway. If we decide to go ahead and remove the cellulose, that will surely mean we take down the plaster, which is another issue we are weighing.

The other big question we have is whether or not we can use the existing septic system. The county has no record of it, the seller told the neighbor it was condemned, but a contractor I spoke with doesn't think that is true. We may be digging down to it to inspect it. Trust me, I will NOT be anywhere in the vicinity for that stinky event! LOL   I will take K's word for it.  Worst case, we hook up to the city sewer, which is ultimately my preference even though the most costly one.

We have thankfully come to agreement about general kitchen style! Whew! Initially, I was thinking white cabinets with butcherblock countertops. I've always loved quartersawn oak, K said he would prefer a darker, more cozy kitchen so we are going to go with dark cabinets. AND K wants us to make them. I love how industrious he is and that he truly is capable of making them!

Here are some QS Oak kitchens that I think are awesome:

Solid black soapstone countertops would be fantastic too. And if we are making the cabinets, I think we'll be able to budget for the soapstone.


  1. Just checking in to see how things are going.

    Thinking of you!

    Love the inspiration photos.

  2. What a gorgeous farmhouse!!! So happy for you. And Indiana welcomes you. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! We already feel welcomed! :)