Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall and Winter Projects

Over the past couple of weeks fall has really arrived.  Most all of the leaves have fallen from the trees and the grass has (finally) stopped growing.  We have been busy of late trying to button up some outside projects before it starts getting cold.  The picket fence is painted but only one coat.  We are going to try to get a complete second coat on before winter but we're not quite sure we'll get it done (we do have extra brushes and paint... HINT HINT).  The dining shed is coming along slowly but surely and the garden is now completely gone.

Ann has been busy planning next spring's garden.  We found a guy in our town that has been developing open-pollinated seeds over a number of years so that they are optimized for this microclimate. We've already purchased some tomato, corn, squash, bean, okra, melon, cucumber and flower seeds from his company, Face of the Earth Seed Company. We are also going to get some apple, pear and mulberry trees from him to start our orchard. It's great to deal directly with a local business, for many reasons. Ann would like to figure out how to possibly turn this hobby into a small business and participate in a new farmer's market that will be starting up next summer.

Back inside the house....the framing of the kitchen floor is nearly complete.  We still need to add the plumbing for the kitchen, after which we will insulate and put down the vapor/moisture barrier before closing it up.  That should be accomplished within the next couple of weeks.  Here is a picture from a couple of days ago.

Since this photo we have finished the 2x6 joists and are now ready to plumb.  We will also add some new electrical wire for outlets and things before closing up the floor.  You may or may not be able to tell but there is no crawl space.  This part of the house was basically built right on the ground.  That's why the floor had to be replaced in the kitchen and that's why it's important that we make sure we get it all done before closing it up.  Once it's closed up it will be like King Tut's tomb.  The next people to see that dirt will be archeologists in the distant future.

We have been doing some research on wood stoves.  We have two chimneys and thought that a wood stove would be a nice addition.  I grew up with a wood stove and know that there is a bit of work involved but it's a nice source of heat and will save on our power and gas bills.  The more we are able to move toward being "off the grid" the better for us.  Also, in the event of a power outage it's nice to know that heat will be there.  Not just a backup emergency source but a solid, dependable heat source that we could also use to cook with.  Anyway, more on that as we get closer to making the decision.

Not a whole lot more to report right now.  Things have slowed a little but will be moving into high gear once the kitchen floor is closed up.  Then we will move on to the bathroom and some framing upstairs.  The framing will go quickly and then we have plenty of inside work to keep us busy throughout the winter.

I always like to try and include some photos that tell that story of the beauty of our new home.  Here are a couple of the sunrise that I took the other day:

It's sort of hard to tell but there are cows silhouetted on the hilltop.  All of the pictures I post are from my iPhone so it's not the best camera in the world.

Last week my Dad and his friend Barbara visited.  We took a trip to restored local grist mill called Beck's Mill.  It was built in 1808 and is an amazing place -- and it still grinds corn.  Here are a few pictures from that outing:

Thank you for following our progress and for your comments and suggestions.  We really appreciate your interest and your thoughts on stuff.

Take care.


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