Monday, March 5, 2012

Tornado Friday, Snow Monday -- I'm Confused!

The weather here is wacky to say the least!

We woke up to this today:



  1. Hi Kevin and Ann, Talked with my sister and we where trying to confirm (my father is out of town on holiday so unable to contact him) but I was able to check it out and my grandmother and Willie where brother and sister. So she was actually raised in that house. I never met Willie as he died when I was an infant, but I do remember Aunt Ruth (a little anyway). My grandmother used to say the Willie was a prime example of why you need to watch what initials you give your children...just ask WET. Enjoying reading this, still have some to go.

  2. That is very funny! So your grandmother was either Effie Jean or Estell Mae. I have tried to put the family genealogy together so that I can hang it up in the house -- maybe you can help me! I haven't been able to find much about Effie and Estell's families. If you would be willing to fill in some details, I would be so very grateful! Feel free to email us directly at

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  4. Howdy, I'm a new follower here, those winter wonderland photos are mesmerizing, such a place good for skiing and building snowmen, but have to bring thick jackets in that chilling place.