Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Longing for Fall

I caught a glimpse, a whiff, a shadow of fall and then it was gone - the weather in the 90s again. Boo. I long for the time in the not too distant future when the seasons are more distinct, and we are knee deep in house renovation. But first things first...and I am willing myself to be patient.

On a lighter note, a dear friend who has seen the house photos told me that our little beauty reminds her of two other humble homesteads of U.S. Presidents. I think that's very complementary. Thank you G.

The first is the boyhood home of Richard Nixon:
And the other is Eisenhower's:

I love that they are both white, like ours, and surrounded by a canopy of tall trees. For those reasons, I would agree!


  1. Beautiful farm homes, Ann.

  2. I am so excited to be following along on your restoration journey.
    We have been at it for 4 years!
    So good luck and thanks for following me as well!