Monday, October 4, 2010

A New View

Happy Monday everyone! So excited to see we have 3 followers as of the time I am writing this! Thanks everyone for visiting!

I should let you all know that the "K" part of the K&A equation is not likely to write any blog posts, so from here on out, just assume it is me, "A."    No offence to the hubby, this is just not his thing along with social media of any kind. Tried it already. He was on FB for about 24 hours and then deleted his account. ;-)

Along with the chair photo I posted last week, I wanted to put another 'before' shot up - one that is currently in my planning vice.

This is the current view when you walk through the front door:

This is the view from the living room into the kitchen. The green is crazy, no?

What excites me about planning the kitchen is that it is a blank slate! Other than the hideous old flooring, which is warped and gross, the only other thing in the kitchen is an old bank of cabinets (with sink) on the right hand wall, here:

Back to my plan....and I am a planner, let me tell you. (K keeps telling me we are a long way away from picking paint colors, but I can't help but pick up paint chips whenever we are in the hardware store! To hold them in my hands is tangible evidence that this is really happening - that we will really have our dream house in the not too distant future. For that reason, picking up the chips is very calming and reassuring to me.)

So, in my plan, the whole back wall of the kitchen will be windows - I'm thinking 3 large windows because of the odd number thing in design looking more natural and all. That way, you'll be able to look right through to the backyard, fields of corn and lovely trees. The kitchen sink will be smack dab in the middle of the wall and I can't wait to do dishes there -- looking out at the peacefulness.


  1. Sounds lovely.

    I completely understand about the paint chips. You should see my collection. Many from way back when we were planning our home.

  2. Just wanted to say a big hello.

    I dream of having an old house like yours. I have all the stuff to fill it up just need the house. keep posting lots of pictures of the remodel. I will be watching to see what all you do.

    Good Luck and have fun


  3. Thank you so much for dropping by. It now has allowed me to find you. I can't wait to watch your old dream home unfold. I will visit again and again.