Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camouflage, Purses and a new Mercury

We don't have any furniture to really sit on.  When we left California we left our couch at the curb (I hope it's gone by now).  So what we have to sit on is one bentwood chair from IKEA and 3 dining room chairs... Oh and Bonnie's high chair and kid size couch.  So really if Ann, Nick and I want to sit down together we either do it at the kitchen table or one of us is in the living room and two in the dining room or one in a chair and two on the floor or... you get the picture.  So the other day Ann said that we needed some place to sit and I had to agree.  After scraping drywall or cutting brush or whatever over at the house it would be nice to have a comfy chair to sit in.

Yesterday Bonnie and I were out and about picking up some things we needed at the hardware store.  There are a couple of hardware stores in  Salem (a few miles up the road) so we decided to check them out.  The first one is Western Auto.  I grew up going to Western Auto with my parents.  For those of you who didn't, it's a store that carries a little bit of everything you might need.  This store had washers and dryers, lawn and garden stuff, housewares, plumbing and electrical, auto parts and furniture.  As we walked in I saw a row of recliners in the middle of the store and Ann's suggestions came back to me.  I knew the prices were probably going to be a bit more than we would pay in Louisville but I thought I'd take a look. Bonnie headed right to the chairs so I figured if she knew we had a problem with our seating situation at home then I'd better give it my full attention.

There were about 10 recliners on display.  The prices weren't as bad as I had thought and I sat in one to give it a quick test drive.  I noticed Bonnie was slapping the seat of one with both hands and saying "look at this one Dada, look at this one."  So I stood up to see the chair she wanted me to come see.  Well, it was a recliner and it was comfortable enough (I sat in it and rocked Bonnie a little as she requested) but I am guessing that no matter how rural our lifestyle and no matter how long my wife lives in the "country" this recliner will not be sitting in our living room.  Nothing I could write would do this justice so here is a picture:

Yep, it's camouflage.  A camouflage rocker recliner.  Not only that but some of the additional features are (maybe I'm embellishing here a little...): a rifle rack on the back, arm rests that open to reveal places for a beer and a place that will hold a whole roll of cans of chew, a hidden pocket in the side for a backup handgun AND ammo (in case you can't get to a rifle), holders for your smokes and matches and two knife slots on the right hand side.  This chair has it ALL!  I didn't ask Ann if I could have it though...   The look on her face when she saw the picture was enough.

Purses and a new Mercury.  In case you're wondering if you read that right... you did.  I'm going to take a moment and share a discovery we made at the house relating to purses and a new Mercury.  You may have read in yesterdays post that we unearthed some old newspapers while we were taking up the kitchen floor.  We actually found two different layers of old newspaper with a couple of layers of linoleum in between.  The bottom papers were right up against the original wood floor and were from 1925 and the second layer of papers were from 1954.  We are still looking at them but there were a couple of interesting things that we saw at first glance.  The first was an important fashion announcement (look at the date):

And the second was a "fashion announcement" for the man in 1954:

We thought these two papers (29 years apart) were a pretty interesting archeological study.  There are news stories about the McCarthy hearings and about US Marines landing in Honduras.  There were also a couple of pages of comics.  Once we go through them (and whatever else we find under the floor) we will share the information in future posts.

As for progress, we are very happy about what we are finding in the kitchen  as we remove the drywall and we wonder what other treasures we are going to find as we begin to explore the out buildings.  I'm going to get my hands on a metal detector and give the property (inside, outside, top and bottom) a good going over.  There may be things that were dropped long ago that could be of interest and that might give us more insight into the daily life of the Tash family and about the history of our new home.

Stay tuned...


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  1. I am awed by the ugliness of that recliner thing. Even if I weren't a designer, I'd still be reeling. I dig the idea of a pocket for my handgun and ammo, tho.