Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Am A Tick Magnet...


Ann does all the really nuts and bolts (important) posts on our blog so I have decided to do... life lesson and observational things.  Here are a couple random thoughts in no particular order.

Every single day since we've been here I have had a tick on me, and some days more than one.  So far none of them has "latched on" but that day's a comin' I know it.  Whenever I've talked to one of the locals they just explain that ticks are part of living here (at certain times of the year) and that I just need to give myself a good "once over" whenever I've been out in the brush or the tall grass.  Ok, I get that and it makes sense.  Ticks tend to thrive in that environment and better safe than sorry, right?  Here's the problem:  The day before yesterday I was standing in the POST OFFICE, not the woods, not the tall grass... but the post office and I looked down at my right arm and there was a big, fat, black and red tick.  We're talking HUGE hungry tick.  As I was dispatching the little guy by using my pickup key and wallet as a mortar and pestle the lady behind the counter said, "Huh, I ain't never seen that before."  I asked her to clarify, she said people don't usually get ticks in the post office... I will become famous for this, I'm sure.  Watch for me on Animal Planet or The Farm Channel or something.

Who would have ever thought that buying a mower could be such a labor intensive process?  Ok, we aren't just looking at mowers but at "lawn tractors" so that does complicate things a little.  There are a number of people here who don't really want to talk about politics or religion but if you ask those same people about lawn tractors, you better find some shade and get you a big ole' glass of sweet tea cuz' you're in for some schoolin'.  Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Kabota or John Deere everyone has a favorite.  The loyalty that people have to Ford and/or Chevy pales in comparison to this lawn tractor stuff.  It can approach the level of fervor that is usually associated with God or your favorite Nascar driver.  So, we haven't made our final pick but if anyone has a thought, opinion or story... please let us know.

Well, I suppose that's enough from me for now.  It's been nearly 20 minutes since I sat down and I'm about due for a good ole' tick check about now.  I hope everyone is enjoying our blog.  We truly do love it here and feel blessed to be around such nice people and such amazing natural beauty.  Ann will keep you all up to date on the happenings and I will share my "learned observations" as the mood strikes.

Take care.



  1. Oh my gosh - I was laughing when I read this. I think you should have written to us more from across the street - I never realized you were so funny. Dale says "Husqees aren't what they used to be...John Deere"

  2. We have a lot of ticks too. My husband has one on him almost every time we're outside. Our solution? Chickens. They eat the ticks like they're candy. In fact, they fight over them if there's only one.

  3. Tonya -- Sorry for not making Kevin come over to humor you! ;-)
    You'll just have to come visit!

    Ryan and Shelley -- That is a great idea, thank you! We just got the water turned on so we should be able to get some chickens as soon as we get a fence up so they don't run into the road.