Monday, September 27, 2010

See This Chair?

This chair clearly has seen better days but I plan to have it reupholstered to give it new life. I have no idea how old it is, how long it has been in the house, but here it sits upstairs...just waiting for some love. ;-)  I love the shape of the back and arms, and look at those feet!

It's new home will be downstairs in the living room and I'm thinking it will be a good jumping off point for the room's decor. I love something velvety in the living room for the coziness, so maybe a deep navy or aubergine velvet?


Sunday, September 26, 2010

House History

According to Indiana Landmarks, this is the history on our house, which is known as the Christian Tash House:

Christian Tash, Sr. was one of ten children born to John and Sarah Tash who settled in Washington County in 1816, from North Carolina. In 1847, Christian Tash married Matilda Walker and subsequently purchased 205 acres near the original family homestead on the Blue River where he built the present house in 1853. Local historical accounts lay claim that in the summer of 1863, Confederate cavalry under the command of Captain William Davis, who was a part of General John Hunt Morgan’s unit, forded the Blue River near this property and commandeered the original Tash homestead where they consumed all of the food supply of the Tash family. Upon leaving the Tash house, the men encountered Union soldiers at the top of nearby Oak Ridge Hill where a skirmish occurred resulting in the death of one confederate troop, the wounding of five others, and the capturing of nineteen. The event has become known as the Battle of Oak Ridge and is marked by a plaque. The Christian Tash farm remained in the Tash family until the 1990’s with the death of family member Everett Marvin Tash.

I love that there is history with the house! I'm looking forward to seeing the plaque for myself. I will post a pic when I do.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

We got it!

Thank you Board of Directors at Indiana Landmarks!!!! We got the call this afternoon that the vote was in our favor!!! I guess I should have had more faith but I am a bit of a worrier.

I'm jumping for joy!!!!!! The hubby (K) would too if he did that sort of thing but mostly I am the one that emotes more visibly!

K has already seen the house in person, but I haven't, so the next step is for me to fly out (did I mention we live on the west coast and the house is in the Midwest?), take more photos, take more measurements, and meet everyone that has helped us so far.

We already feel so welcome. I'm sure for many (most?) people who live in the Midwest the fact that people are genuinely nice, helpful and welcoming is not surprising but it touches us so much, it's hard to put into words. We already feel like we are part of the community and it definitely is a confirmation that we are on the path that is intended for us.

Next time, I'll talk about the historical aspects of the house! Stay tuned!


The Vote

Obviously, before any work on the house can begin, it has to actually be 'ours.' Because our diamond-in-the-rough is currently owned by Indiana Landmarks (a non-profit historical preservation organization), its board of directors must vote to approve our offer. The vote is set to take place at 9am ET. While we have been assured by our friends there that there should be no problems, after learning yesterday about a potential issue, I've been in tears today worrying. It has gone so well up to now, I should have expected something, right? Now I have to try to sleep and wait until we get the call. I think I will go clean something to distract myself.

I want to highlight for the record how wonderful the folks at Indiana Landmarks and the real estate agent there have been. Gentlemen, we are so truly grateful for your time, efforts and warm welcome. You'll be the first folks invited for dinner when the house is presentable!