Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Won't Be Long Now

The sticking point that held things up in November, which led us to call the deal off, was the septic/sewer situation. We all (not just us, but the seller too) thought it was not possible to connect the house to the city sewer and based on the soil type, the septic would have been an above-ground, mound-type system that would have taken up the whole back yard. HOWEVER, at the end of it all, it turned out that we could in fact connect to the sewer for approximately the same cost as the septic would have been.

We still called the deal off in November because K had other opportunities that he felt he needed to pursue, but as those were delayed (I think on purpose to give him time to figure stuff out), he realized that those were not the right path....and what IS the right path is the one we jumped back onto with this wonderful old farmhouse! I knew down deep but I had to let him find his way. My patience has paid off better than I would have dreamed.

Where we stand today is waiting, but only a little longer. The seller has met with the city to determine the tap fee for connecting into the sewer, and the cost is approximately what I expected. Now, we are just waiting for the seller to arrange with their attorney to do the closing. Then, we pack, K gives notice at his job and we load up the moving truck, the two kids, the two dogs and drive about 2,350 miles to our new life.

We are ready today.

This will be my first view of the house when we pull up. I can't sleep lately because I'm so excited.

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  1. I feel your excitement. Looking forward to many updates and photos!